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Additional Safety Products

In addition to gas detection, Honeywell provides a range of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other products suited to the marine industry.

Three key recommended products are outlined below.

For more information about these products and Honeywell’s complete range of personal protective equipment, please visit www.honeywellsafety.com and www.envitec.com


  • Bio-S-Cape is a compressed air emergency escape breathing device (E.E.B.D)
  • Designed for escape in toxic or oxygen-deficient environments, requiring easy and immediate donning
  • Bio-S-Cape complies with European Standard EN 1146: 2005, ISO 23269-1:2008 and the SOLAS Convention

Download the datasheet

Aeris Confort Type 2

  • The Aeris Confort Type 2 is an open circuit self contained compressed breathing apparatus developed by Honeywell Safety Products which complies with the requirements of the latest EN 137, Type 2 standard
  • Comfortable, high-performing and durable it will protect you during any situation or application
  • The Aeris Confort Type 2 complies with European Standard EN 137: 2006 Type 2, ISO 23269-3 (2011), SOLAS, MED, IMO, MSC

Download the datasheet

AlcoQuant® 6020 Plus from Envitec by Honeywell

  • AlcoQuant® 6020 Plus is a compact breathalyser which offers detection of  0-5.5% alcohol
  • It is deal for mandatory alcohol testing of marine personnel
  • It has a robust construction and IP54 rating
  • Complies with EU standard EN15964 and is powered by AA batteries

Download the datasheet

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