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Applications requiring gas detection and monitoring solutions

Depending on the type of vessel and its cargo, fixed flammable and toxic gas detection should be used to monitor a variety of potential hazards.

Portable Gas Detection
Portable multi-gas monitoring solutions are an essential part of marine-based PPE, providing operator protection in a variety of applications and environments:

  • Protection whilst carrying out clearance measurements of tanks and cargo bays
  • Pre-entry check and subsequent monitoring for confined spaces
  • Inerting and purging
  • Leak detection
  • Confined space entry
    • Cargo compressor room
    • Electric motor room
    • Cargo-control room (unless classified as gas-safe)
    • Enclosed spaces such as hold spaces and inter-barrier spaces (with the exception of hold spaces containing Type ‘C’ cargo tanks)
  • Airlocks
  • Burner platform vent hoods and engine room gas supply pipelines
  • Hot work jobs

Fixed gas detection sample systems
Flammable, sample system, fixed gas detection solutions ensure vessel safety and let you rest safe in the knowledge that assets are protected from gas hazards 24/7:

  • Monitoring of ballast tanks
  • Monitoring of void spaces and bulkheads

Fixed flammable point gas detection (IR / Catalytic Bead)

  • Fixed flammable point gas detection is essential to ensure the safety of many on-board applications and processes:
  • Monitoring of pump rooms, FPSO storage and drilling areas

Fixed open path IR Hydrocarbon gas detection

  • Perimeter monitoring of marine applications provides cost-effective and enhanced safety protection of assets out on the seas or at port:
  • Monitoring of LNG and CNG above-deck storage

The above applications represent the key uses for gas detection, but if you have an application not mentioned, please talk to our team today about your specific needs. Our adaptability and experience in marine-based gas detection needs ensures that we can deliver the protection you need.



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